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Alicia Martin is the director and founder of the Royalty Dance Ministries.  She is the visionary behind the ARISE Dance Workshop-ADW and the host and producer of a series for dance ministers titled, the Vessel. 

She is the holder of a Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma in Communications Studies acquired from the University of Guyana. She also possesses a Certificate and a Diploma in Dance from the Institute of Creative Arts and the National School of Dance and a certificate in TEN Pageantry from the Eagles International Training Institute.

Through her various platforms, she has hosted conferences, workshops and productions to share the word of God through the arts and impact the lives of both the lost and found. 

Alicia is a motivational speaker and a purpose driven young woman who strives for excellence in all that she pursues. She is a strong believer in discipline, commitment and the call of purpose. Her passion lies in helping people find and fulfill their God given purpose on earth. It is her belief that God has a special plan for the lives of all individuals and that plan is manifested through obedience and full submission to the will of God.

 Alicia Martin aims to continue to grow in the wisdom of God and to live a life that is committed to doing His will, while impacting the lives of people across nations. 

She is an exceptional woman destined for greatness and a reflection of what walking in purpose truly is.